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    INCI Name: Trehalose

    Cas: 6138-23-4

    Function: Humectants

    1, Specification:

    Formula2H2O (dihydrate)
    DescriptionWhite crystal with a sweet taste, virtually odorless
    AssayNot less than 98%
    Loss on dryingLess than 2.0% (60ºC, 5h)
    Total ashLess than 0.06%
    LeadLess than 1mg/kilo
    ArsenicLess than 1mg/kilo
    ColiformLess than 30 MPN/100g
    pH5.0 - 6.7
    Total aerobic countsLess than 400 CFU per gram

    2, Application for Cosmetics:

    Based on the property of retaining cell and bio-molecule activities, trehalose can be advantageously used as a desiccant for cosmetics. The cosmetic products with addition of trehalose have a relatively high stability and can protect skin and make the derma nutrient even under the conditions of deep-coldness, drying and strong ultraviolet. 

    Super UV Protective and Moisturizing Gene-Trehalose:
    Trehalose is a kind of natural sugar existing in many desert plants, which can form a layer of glasslike matrixes in case the plant gets dry, so as to protect the internal structure of plants before the rain comes. And the plant will revive miraculously when the rain comes.

    Lots of studies and practices show that trehalose can effectively protect the outer skin cell membrane, activate cell and make skin conditioning so as to maintain the skin healthy, natural and bouncy. Under high temperature, deep-coldness, dry and strong ultraviolet radiation conditions, the skin cell may easily lose moisture and caused cutinization and damage to skin. Under such conditions, trehalose will form a special protective membrane in the cell surface to maintain the existing nutrition and moisture of skin and prevent the skin from ultraviolet radiation or melamin settlement, thus effectively resist skin ageing phenomenon. The mucus bled from the membrane can tenderly nourish skin and keep it bright, shiny and tender.

    At present, some famous cosmetics enterprises at home and abroad such as VERSACE series cosmetics and Snow White Cosmetics series have already taken trehalose as the major content to improve products quality.

    According to the VCRP data, trehalose has the second greatest number of reported uses 474 uses.
    - listed in the Foods Chemicals Codex as a humectant, stabilizer, thickener, texturizer
    - used as an excipient in a few monoclonal antibody products
    - can function as a color adjuvant, flavor enhancer, freeze-drying agent, humectant, stabilizing agent, sweetening agent, table diluent, and thickening agent in pharmaceuticals; used for the lyoprotection of therapeutic proteins.

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