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    INCI Name:  Sodium Dextran Sulfate

    Cas: 9011-18-1

    Identity: To pass test
    Appearance:  White to off white powder
    Solubility (10%solution): Clear to light yellow solution
    Loss on Drying:  Not more than 10.0%
    pH(at 10% solution): 5.0-7.5
    Sulphur: 16.0%~20.0%
    Free Sulphate: Not more than0.2%
    Chloride: Not more than0.1%

    Shelf life: 5 years


    INCI Functions:

    Used in cosmetic care products. Sodium Dextran Sulfate acts as a slimming agent. Also acts as anti-swelling agent for face and body as well as promotes blood circulations.

    Sodium Dextran Sulfate functions as a non-sur actant-suspending agent with gel forming and viscosity controlling properties. Sodium Dextran Sulfate can be used in gels and moisturizers.

    Other description:

    Dextran sulfates are supplied as the sodium salt forms that are soluble and stable in water. It consist of 17% (approx.) sulfur equivalent to 2.3 (approx.) sulfate groups per glucosyl residue. Dextran is a (complex branched glucan) polymer of anhydroglucose. It is composed of approximately 95% alpha-D-(166) linkages and the remaining (163) linkages account for the branching of dextran.

    Dextran sulfate is an anionic polymer of sulfated glucose, capable of accelerating hybridization rates of nucleic acids. The polyanionic character of Dextran sulfate helps to approximate nucleic acid strands, increasing their effective concentration to each other and promoting hybridization. Dextran sulfate also demonstrates a sequestering interaction with proteins, presumably through hydrogen-bonding between the sulfate groups and amine groups of the protein that generates an insoluble complex. The ability of the polymer to precipitate fibrinogen and low-density lipoproteins from plasma solutions has been used for analysis and for anticoagulant applications.

    Sodium Dextran Sulfate is Used for the detection of DNA or RNA in nucleic acid hybridization procedures. It effectively "excludes" probe from solution, accelerating the rate of annealing.

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