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    Skin care ingredient dextran 9004-54-0
    Name: Dextran
    Other name: Dextran Mw 250,000
    INCI Name: Dextran
    Cas: 9004-54-0
    EINECS: 232-677-5
    Appearance: White powder
    Average molecular weight: 225,000~275,000
    Loss on drying: <=7.0%
    Molecular formula: (C6H10O5)n
    pH: 4.5-7.0
    Pb: <=8ppm
    Packing: 1kg, 25kg
    INCI Function:
    Viscosity controlling
    Dextran Skincare Benefits:
    Product Stabilizer
    Dextran is a group of polysaccharides that are composed of multiple glucose molecules. Dextran can be naturally synthesized by a variety of bacteria species, as well as synthetically by a process of sucrose fermentation. In skincare, Dextran derivatives, such as Dextran sulfate, can promote better moisture-retention for improved skin hydration. Additionally, Dextran may provide soothing properties that are effective for alleviating dry, problematic skin.
    Dextran enhances the anti-aging activity of the weak acids and reduces skin irritation that is sometimes caused by the weak acid active.
    Dextran 250,000 is used as a binder, bulking agent and has binding and viscosity controlling properties.
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